After 13 years the sci fi sitcom is back with the original cast, but with one less author. Is it any good?

Red Dwarf is my favorite sitcom of all time. It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite sci fi shows. Ever since I heard about the show returning last year, I’ve been impatiently waiting. I came across it on WHYY one late night yeeeaaars ago and couldn’t get enough ever since. I bought the DVD’s and YouTubed the crap out of it. It’s a British show not usually aired in the U.S., and since it was already cancelled by the time I started watching, I never bothered to figure out how to find new episodes.

Well now I have to. There’s no way I’m willing to fall behind on season X! It’s exclusively on Dave TV, a British online channel, Thursdays at 9pm. Earlier seasons had been on Netflix, and it’s possible they’ll be back, so keep your eyes peeled. Older seasons are also available in the iTunes store. (Or you could always YouTube an episode and watch it for free… but you didn’t hear that from me.)

Red Dwarf Season X

Red Dwarf Season X on Dave TV

So far there’s only been one episode, Trojan, and I’ve seen it! I was very anxious because the show now has one less writer, Rob Grant. Having read his book entitled, Incompetence, I suspected he wrote a lot of the wit and I feared his presence would be obviously lacking, negatively impacting the show’s humor. However, soon into Trojan, it became clear that the old language and colorful insults were still present.

I will refrain from walking you through the episode. I highly recommend you watch it for yourself. All I would like to make known is that it did not disappoint this long time fan and her high expectations.


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