I’m sure you’ve all heard the alarming news. Disney has purchased Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4.05 billion. They’ve announced they plan to release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Lucas said in a statement, ‘‘It’s now time for me to pass ‘Star Wars’ on to a new generation of filmmakers.’’ According to a Boston.com article, Lucas will remain a creative consultant on the new movies.

When I first heard this news, I begged it’s bearer to tell me it was a lie. A vicious hoax. But then I heard the news repeated and confirmed. It was true… they planned on making Episode VII, and it would be Disney behind the reigns.

My thoughts then turned to Episodes I-III. I thought they were complete garbage. Yes, I went to see every one of the prequels in the theater. It was a sick form of self-torture. I believe comedian Brian Posehn best expresses my sentiment.

When I first heard that Disney bought Marvel, I had an awful first reaction. I envisioned Disney as this giant, corporate leviathan devouring everything it it’s past. I worried it was capitalism unchecked, an entertainment monopoly. Which it is. This constant buying up of the independent guys by larger corporations has left us with very few companies controlling all of our media and information. For more information on the media monopoly see this Business Insider article.

Though I was and am deeply concerned about this merge, I can’t help but be a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan. I greatly enjoyed the Avengers movie. Not the other recent Marvel super hero movies, though. While keeping this in mind and knowing how bad Lucas messed up the prequels, I will reserve my negative judgement. I’m not going so far as to say I’m optimistic about this, or that I want this to happen… but I know I will definitely be in the theater in 2015, because I’m a sucker like that.


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