Due to Frankenstorm Sandy, my birthday celebrations were postponed. This past Sunday morning I woke up to the most awesome birthday cake I’ve ever had in my life, thanks to my amazing boyfriend. GAME OF THRONES CAKE!!! It totally made up for a week of sitting in the cold dark without power. It was really sweet because of the fondant, but delicious even still. Here are some pictures of my cake, and a lot of other bad ass cakes I’ve come across in my sweets obsessed online searches.

Game of Thrones Cake

Me with my Game of Thrones Cake

Hoth Cake from geeksaresexy.net

Hoth Cake from geeksaresexy.net

Millennium Falcon Cake

Millennium Falcon Cake from weheartit.com

Harley Quinn Cake

Harley Quinn Cake from Geek Sweets

DC Cake

DC Cake by Sister-of-charity

Super Mario Wedding Cake

Super Mario Wedding Cake from Marah Grant Photography

Ninja Turtles Cake

Ninja Turtles Cake featured on GroomWars.com


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