Continued from Part 1
Written by Jill Geiger

After we visited the two show floors, there were some panels we wanted to attend as well as some autographing sessions—specifically, for me, Anne Rice. However, as we made our way to where the panel was we noticed a huge line leading from the autographing area (for some reason NYCC had an area for panels in the same room as autographs and photo-ops, I have no idea why. It was extremely stupid to me because you couldn’t hear a damn thing with all the talking from the lines). We asked who the line was for and sure enough it was for Anne Rice. This was at 12:30pm. Her signing wasn’t until 3:30pm. So, my boyfriend was nice enough to not care about the panels and we stood in line then I could meet one of my favorite writers. However, since I was sitting near one of the panel areas I did get to see the panel that featured novelist and comic book writer Jonathan Maberry. Titled “Teens at the End of Time,” this panel covered why it’s a good thing that teens are attracted to the apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels and stories that are so widely popular in Young Adult literature now.

Once we finally met Anne Rice, it was time to do something my boyfriend wanted to do. He’s a huge fan of all things [Adult Swim] and Friday was pretty much [Adult Swim] day within the main theatre, the IGN Theatre. So, we stood in yet another line to get into the IGN Theatre to wait and see the Venture Bros. panel as well as the Robot Chicken panel.

Now, here’s a note, forewarning, tip, tidbit, whatever you want to call it for those who may come to NYCC next year and want to go to a panel in the IGN Theatre—GET IN LINE EARLY. Just like Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, they DO NOT clear the theatre. After the panel you are able to stay there. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes eventually. Hall H at SDCC can hold about 7,000 people (as I heard from friends who have attended SDCC), whereas this hall holds maybe 1,500 tops. If you plan on getting into a panel like The Walking Dead (which was on Saturday and I’ll get to later), you better sleepover at the Javits Center or kiss the panel goodbye. That even includes kissing the other panels in the hall before the panel you want to see goodbye.

Anyway—now back to your regularly scheduled program –
I unfortunately can’t really review the Venture Bros. panel for you because it was impossible to hear them. They didn’t sit in front of microphones for this one. They sat at a couch and coffee table with the mics attached to their lapels. They didn’t delve into any about the season except for showing a highlight reel for the upcoming season and showing a clip from their Halloween show. However, I must say that Doc Hammer is hysterical and was the life of the panel. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve been bored as hell.

Now, the Robot Chicken panel that was fun! Seth Green didn’t go over anything except for stating that yes, Robot Chicken has been picked up already for a Season 7. He then said it’s “our panel” and opened it up to the floor. Also, he had a special guest with him—Macaulay Culkin who also answered questions. Everyone had good laughs since fan questions are always the best, but other than announcing Season 7- nothing else was mentioned.

Until next time.

More photos from Day 1:

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