Funko Rebel Alliance Headphones

I held off on buying these fancy schmancy headphones for a while. I don’t know how you feel about your money, but $15 seemed like a lot to spend on headphones when I already had two pairs of earbuds lying around. The thing is, I hate ear buds. They hurt after only a few minutes and they always pop out of my ears. I can never get the right angle with them to hear properly. They suck! Spending as much time at the computer as I do, along with the need to drown out distracting background noise as I work, I need headphones.

So I bit the frugal bullet and bought the headphones. They sound great and are comfortable around my ears. The only thing that bothers me about them is that after a while, they start to hurt the top of my head. They have the ability to fold, and the part where it folds starts digging into my skull. I have to shift them around often.

Another negative thing I’ve found is that the headphones are advertised as portable. As I drive back and forth from college and take the train to and from my internship, I’ve noticed these don’t fit neatly or securely in my back pack. I’m always worried I’ll break them. So I wind up taking the lousy ear buds to go. Which sort of defeats the purpose of buying new headphones.

Over all they are decent headphones and worth what I paid. They sound good, and with some minor adjustments, they’re comfy. They look really cool, just as advertised. I will eventually be looking for something better, though.


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