Written by Jill Geiger

(Photo: Left 4 Dead 2 cover image, Valve)

(Photo: Left 4 Dead 2 cover image, Valve)

Guess what I saw- and you would’ve too- at NYCC, Day 2? Zombies, zombies, and MORE ZOMBIES! It was a zombiefest pretty much all because of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which was a panel later on in the day. AND, I also can’t forget that the Evil Dead had a panel right before as well! So much undead!

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend either panel because of the craziness called Queue Hall C which is the huge space dedicated to those fans who wish to get into the IGN Theatre, but have to wait until people decide to leave, if they ever do (This is what I was referring to my first post about NYCC). I actually waited for 4 hours, but never got in, it was a bummer… BUT I didn’t spend my entire day doing that! I went to two panels sponsored by a little company called Marvel! One was all about Marvel’s video games; the other was exclusively about Marvel’s new MMO titled Marvel Heroes, which is being created by none other than David Brevik of Diablo and Diablo 2 fame. So, I’ll break down the two panels for you guys

The Walking Dead at NYCC 2012

The Walking Dead at NYCC 2012

Marvel Video Games
The panel went over everything from the brand new upcoming Deadpool game (WOO!) to the new Magic-like trading card game that’s only available for iOS and Droid systems titled Marvel: War of Heroes.

First up: they covered a little tidbit of information stating that The Amazing-Spiderman video game will be available for Wii U.

Next up: Marvel’s HeroClix will now be functional through an app called Marvel HeroClix TabApp. This app will function as a, from my understanding, solo campaign for each of your HeroClix’s. So, if you put Wolverine onto your screen, it’ll start a campaign specifically for Wolverine. However, it was definitely geared toward younger children. So, if you’re a HeroClix collector, you might find this game cheesy or too easy.

Marvel: War of Heroes was covered next. As I stated earlier, this is a Magic-like trading card game that is only available for iOS and Droid systems. The game just came out and features over 300 character cards at its launch and more will be coming to the game!

Marvel Pinball

Marvel Pinball

Anyone a fan of pinball? If so, Marvel Pinball would be right up your alley AND a new tabletop is being released based off the Civil War storyline. They showed footage at the panel of it and you actually get to pick if you want to be pro-registration or anti-registration which will affect your game. They said this new top will be out by the end of the year.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance — for those who don’t know what this game is, I’ll break it down for you. You start with a small group of Avengers who were recruited to combat villains who are trying to take over certain areas. Its broken chapters, which are then broken down into 6 missions (one being a premium that if you have that character you can play, but it’s a much higher level than normal), then broken down into small fights with goons that lead to the mini-boss then to the boss. You pretty much go around fighting and leveling each of the characters, completing quests, researching new advancements, making money by doing flight operations, recruiting more characters with points you earn—oh, and there’s PVP, too. It’s pretty fun and actually pretty tough. It has its glitches, but it’s definitely come a long, long way since day 1. ANYWAY—at the panel they announced two new characters that will be available to win within PVP: Deadpool and Cable. They also announced the completion of the Phoenix Five, rounding the group off with Jean Grey. There will also be new costumes available for: Thor (classic), Hulk (gray), Magik (classic), and Rogue (X-Men Legacy). Another great addition is challenge mode. This will pretty much up the lower levels, if you want it to, to match your current level. Just in time for Halloween, a new spec-ops involving Ghost Rider, Baron Mordo, and Mephisto will be available to play soon. And last, but not least, they announced brand new characters to the game—give a warm welcome to: Beast, Havok, Valkyrie and “the British Invasion” (as they called it) featuring: Captain Britain, Psylocke, Union Jack and Black Knight.

Anyone play Avengers Initiative for the iOS? I haven’t, so I’m not really sure what it exactly is to give a synopsis. BUT, it did look a lot like a Marvel-ized version of Infinity Blade. They announced a Gladiator Hulk and Captain America to be available for the game at some point.

The Walking Dead at NYCC 2012

The Walking Dead at NYCC 2012

Continued in: New York Comic Con Review: Day 2 – Part 2


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