Continued from New York Comic Con Review: Day 2 – Part 1
Written by: Jill Geiger

So, after this, there was a lull. Apparently someone from High Moon Studios, developers of the game, was supposed to show up to talk, but no one was there. So, instead they played the footage they showed from San Diego Comic Con. Yeah, boring, I know… BUT WAIT! WHAT IS THIS?! A guy wrapped in duct tape around his torso and arms runs into the room! On the duct tape it had Deadpool’s iconic eyes drawn in Sharpie. Apparently, this is the guy that was supposed to show up. He apologizes, said that Deadpool taped him up and he had some issues getting through security. He also mentioned that Deadpool couldn’t make it and was terribly sorry, but he had a message for the crowd. The guy whispered it to the moderator who then said “DJ drop that beat…” and this is what ensued [scroll to 2:00] (courtesy of YouTube user jerseystrife who taped everything and posted on YouTube)…

So, as you can see, if you watched the entire video, Deadpool runs everything at High Moon Studios, makes them eat a lot of chimichangas, OH and DOMINO will be in the new Deadpool game. Will she be playable? Who knows. They didn’t answer that question. AND, as you could see (if you watched the entire 10 minutes) at the end of the panel Stan the Man Lee made a surprise appearance. It was glorious and gave me chills. I haven’t had the chance to meet him ever, but just being in the presence of a comic book genius was phenomenal.

Marvel Heroes- MMO
Now, I’m not really sure where to even begin for this. I guess I should say that it’s a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game. It’s being developed by Gazillion Entertainment, aka David Brevik’s (who gains his fame from Diablo and Diablo 2.) new company. By the looks of it, it’s pretty much Diablo with Marvel characters. Now, you’re probably skeptical about it and by all means you deserve to be, because I was too. But it’s actually really fun and is a lot like Diablo 2 with the way that the controls are. And guess what?! They actually put in a flying capability! Iron Man wouldn’t be Iron Man if he couldn’t fly, so of course they added flying.

The way you get skills (and level them) is by fighting, of course, and gaining skill points to open new ones and level existing ones. Also, all the maps/levels are randomized, so no map/level will be exactly the same each time you go in.

But what you’re probably wondering is—who are the characters, damnit!? Well, so far there’s only about 25 characters announced for this game, with three additional characters announced at the panel- Nova (the Sam Alexander one), Luke Cage, and Jean Grey. You can see a full list of the characters so far here:

Marvel Heroes

Can you create your own character? No, you can’t. And to be honest, I don’t mind this. The game is meant to be Marvel Heroes, not create-your-own Marvel Heroes. Sure, an Iron Man who is actually made out of adamantium and has claws as well as Iron Man powers sounds awesome, but it’s not a real character. So, that’s something you’ll all have to deal with or take up with Marvel. HOWEVER, to make it more personalized, all of the characters have special costumes you can find by playing the game or you can buy it if you’re itching to have a certain costume as soon as you start. Each new costume gives different buffs or abilities and the list of different costumes keeps growing for each of them. For example, at the panel, they showed off Storm. They have her various X-Men costumes, including her 1980s look where she’s in leather and has a Mohawk.

Hulk is a Tank, right? Of course! And so is Thing? Yep! BUT, there’s a difference in the way both are tanks. As they explained at the panel, yes, they both leap onto cars and destroy everything, but Hulk really rips into things and does direct damage and whereas Thing has more of a group mentality. The reason for this difference in the two is because those developing the game really took the characters back stories and personalities into consideration to make each character extremely unique from each other.

There is no release date for this. As they said at the panel, it’s ready when it’s ready. But, what I’ve seen at the panel and what I’ve seen being in the closed beta—the game has significant potential. You can sign yourself up to be chosen to be a part of the closed beta by going here: https://marvelheroes.com/ . Create an account, and then (unfortunately) be patient and wait. Hopefully you’ll be chosen to join me!

I wish I could say more here, but honestly I can’t 🙂

Sunday will come soon.

Aayla Secura at NYCC 2012

Aayla Secura at NYCC 2012


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