Steampunk Dice

We’re making slow progress as a group, but we’re getting there. The amount of reading and effort that goes into creating a character is almost overwhelming, at least for me. The other night we were going over items. Each character has a limit to how much weight they can carry, so as we choose items to use we have to keep that in mind. We also have to keep in mind how much money we have available to spend on items.

Items List for D&D

The question of toilet paper came up. One of our friends decided to carry 20 sheets of paper to use as toilet paper. The entire group started hounding him, telling him there’s no shitting in D&D. We can’t stop in the middle of a mission for him to take a shit. And if we could, would we have to roll for it?

My boyfriend, who is the Dungeon Master, created a character as well. He’s a monk. On the topic of shit, he proclaimed that his shit is enlightened and that it can cure cancer. Since he’s a level one, only his shit is enlightened, he still has to work for it.

Anyhow, now all it seems I have left to do is familiarize myself with my spells. The next time we all meet up, we intend to actually start a campaign. I have a feeling it’s going to be hilarious.



2 thoughts on “D&D: Toilet Paper?

  1. I’m realy exited for the next part of this good luck I am dm for a group of my friends and we are just starting Off as well lol

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