While there is no “music of the geeks” per se, there is geeky music. Geeks can listen to any type of music ranging from blue grass to punk rock, from classical to hip-hop. However, there are genres of music that have inherently geeky qualities, whether geeks listen to them or not.


Weaboos, Otakus, casual anime fans and sometimes people who just appreciate Japanese culture in a non-obsessive way enjoy this genre of music. Therefor it is considered geeky, because Japanese things are absorbed by geek culture. Ugh, but just listen to it… it sucks pretty hard. The suckyness isn’t what makes it geeky, it’s what makes it lame. I am a self-proclaimed geek and I wouldn’t be able to listen to J-pop without developing a migraine within the first 30 seconds.

Here’s a heavier Japanese band, they’re considered J-Rock. Not as gut wrenchingly awful as J-pop, but still pretty lame. This is not my type of music.  J-Rock and J-Pop alike are genres often used as intros to anime series. Because the Japanese know that in America, there are people who enjoy their culture, it’s typical to have one or two English words or phrases mixed in with the Japanese lyrics.

Power Metal

I admittedly enjoy the occasional power metal song, but I also understand that it is really, really lame. The lyrics typically involve a dragon, a medieval battle, or vikings. The fantasy based lyrics and epic vocals are what makes this genre of music so geeky. What makes it lame is it’s repetitiveness and the epic gimmick. Take this Hammerfall video for example. CGI mountains and skeletons, lyrics about kings and thrones… geeky. Still though… mix this in with some heavier, more serious bands and it would blend in pretty well.

OK, so Amon Amarth isn’t really power metal. Though… they sort of are. Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of geeks like them because of their viking theme. And we all know geeks like vikings and shit.


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