Written by: Jill Geiger

I saw a post the other day on The Daily Geek about a new “geek bar” that opened in Paris, a month or so back, called “Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde” (translation: “Last Bar Before the End of the World”). It’s décor is has geek themes, it’s drinks have geek themes, and you can play games you’d probably never find at a normal bar. And it got me thinking about the popularity of “geek culture” bars and restaurants that have begun to sprout up all over the place in past 3-4 years.

Le Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde

Le Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde

Now, I’m not knocking the idea at all. I actually find it quite interesting, especially the bar above. Years ago (I’m saying like maybe more than 5 to 10 years ago), places like this wouldn’t exist this. No one would go to a bar, let alone open a bar, catered toward “the geek,” to play Magic or D&D. Now, it’s okay. How about a bar dedicated to old school video games? Probably not, but now look at it! We have Barcade! Over priced drinks, but who says you have to buy a beer to play a $0.25 game all night? I sure as hell didn’t when I went.

The Barcade in Philadelphia, PA

The Barcade in Philadelphia, PA

Now this is all opinion, and everyone has their opinions- so go ahead and share yours if you want, but I feel that now, because of this growing popularity, it’s okay to publicly be “a geek,” when years ago it wasn’t such a good thing. You’d be labeled “a geek” or “a nerd” or a straight up “weirdo” for doing such things. You would have to go stroll over to your local comic book shop or gaming store and chill there all day to feel comfortable and in your element, now you really don’t. Is this just a “fad” that will fizzle out in a couple years? Who knows, but what caused this is what I’m wondering.

Is it the popularity gained from TV Shows like The Big Bang Theory? It could be. Is it the growing popularity of the superhero genre which then created the spiral into actual “geekdom” for its audience? Quite possibly. Could it have been the popularization of the wizard-boy known as Harry Potter? Absolutely!

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

It’s just all so fascinating to me, yet it’s a question that I can’t really answer with cold hard facts. I can only answer with my own opinion tied with speculations. All I know is that, for now, I’m living in the moment and enjoying it, because once these places are gone, who knows when they’ll be back.

But let me ask you, follow readers, what do you think? Also, have you been to any cool bars and restaurants that had some type of geek culture theme?


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