Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in here in a long ass time. I was checking in on one of my other blogs and saw that this blog still gets up to 7 visits a day! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have been popping in. You have motivated me to get back into my Geekly Tribunering.

We all know Disney acquired Marvel a while back, and Star Wars. Some of us wept and some of us rejoiced. Most of us were reserved and cautious about making any sort of judgement call. Well, regardless of how you feel about it, enjoy these awesome Disney and Marvel cosplay and Fan Art mashups!

Mermaid Ariel as Marvel Assassin

Ariel as Black Widow. Source: Isaiah Stephens on DeviantArt

Beauty and Beast from X-men and Disney Cosplay Marvel.

Beaty and … Beast. Source here: the Waste of Time

Belle from Beauty and the Beast as Rogue

Belle as Rogue. Source: http://helbersoares.blogspot.com/

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin as Marvel's Iron Man

Jasmine as Iron Man. Source: Christopher Stoll on Deviant Art


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