Aayla Secura Star Wars

Top 5 Hot Blue Alien Chicks

This is really self explanatory. 😉 But I will add that this is completely my sole opinion. I bet there Continue reading

Dog with Two Bones

Farscape Quote: Dog with Two Bones

John Crichton: Dog with two bones. Utu-Noranti Pralatong: Unfamiliar. John Crichton: Dog, animal, it’s a pet. He has this bone. Continue reading

Zoto Zhaan

Farscape and Death: They get it right. Too right.

WARNING: SPOILERS… and very personal Season 2’s Won’t Get Fooled Again, written by Richard Manning, is a journey into psychosis induced Continue reading

Farscape Skirt

Geekly Product Review: Farscape skirt!

I stumbled across Ashley Mertz’s shop during one of my many desperate online searches for clothes that fit my taste. Continue reading